You know when it comes down to it, one excellent measure of the quality of the services delivered is reflected in the feedback from the customer. Below are a few comments from clients who attended our sessions. These comments were provided in writing either at the time of the event evaluation or after the session, via email. We will let the words speak for themselves.

"I came expecting a boring class. Instead I got dynamic instructors who introduced me to concepts and new learning styles that will benefit me both personally and professionally. Paralanguage. Learning styles. Thank you for a very interesting course. Excellent work!!"


"I got a ton of information on how to enhance my teaching."


"I hope to use my new skills while instructing my kids on life's adventures."


"I learned many, many things. How to improve my walk, talk, pause. How to question students. A lot, I can use this everywhere (family)."


"Everything I learned in the course, it was great!"


"I got a bunch of ideas to get the student to do the learning without lectures."


"I got so much more that I could have imagined. I was so impressed with the instruction and instructors that I will research some of the material for my kids."


"My eyes were opened to a teaching method so innovative it is almost beyond belief."


"OK, I already had some skills, and I was almost willing to use them, but your instruction really, really works. I leaned heavily on your teaching from the prior two weeks."


"I came away with many excellent strategies from this class. I learned how to make a boring subject into a fun and exciting class by using frontloaded activities, giant post-its for clear information, class interaction and the pause."


"The way the workshop was conducted was fun and interesting and informative."


"The overwhelming (university) faculty response was, "We need more of this!" That was great, we should have had this at the beginning of the semester. I'm certain you must hear that a lot."


"I thought the modeling piece was awesome. I'm glad you're not just focusing on content, but rather on good teaching techniques."