Our Vision

An authentic world where people create new mindsets and moves to transform their relationships, one conversation at a time, leading to a better place to work, live, and love.

Our Mission

The relentless focus on delivering high-quality and research-based, customized professional development steeped in communicative intelligence, to educators, corporations, and government agencies. STA is a local and global provider using face-to-face and electronic technologies for leadership, professional growth, and relationship development.

Sierra Training Associates is committed to:

  • providing the most effective leadership development and training models aligned to the client's goals.

  • bridging the gap from leadership development and training to implementation.

  • working collaboratively with clients to develop leadership thinking and leadership action.

  • enhancing communicative intelligence skills to increase effective communication.

  • strengthening nonverbal awareness to broaden your range of nonverbal skills.

  • using the skills from our development and training sessions to build team trust and effectiveness.

Our sessions uniquely combine leadership models, nonverbal communicative intelligence modeling with adult learning theory into an experience that will change how you look at leading, teaching, training, meetings and learning.

You benefit by:

  • becoming a more effective leader.

  • increasing consciousness of your communication patterns.

  • improving your communication skills and nonverbal communicative intelligence.

  • recognizing and influencing group dynamics.

  • being more skillful in your use of dialogue and critical thinking.

Sierra Training Associates provides dynamic trainings designed to enhance communications skills for leaders, teachers, presenters, facilitators, team leaders and administrators in any professional setting. We provide a broad spectrum of training in leadership development, nonverbal communicative intelligence, effective communication strategies, adult learning, and classroom management.