Sierra Training Associates is a con­sultancy serving business, government, non-profit and academic organizations in their development of leadership, organi­zational change, and increasing effec­tiveness and efficiency towards collaborative and adaptive environments.

Enhance the effectiveness of leadership and communications: one on one, meetings, retreats, public speaking and within an organization's daily life.

Address needs in ethics, supervision, management and leadership.

Sierra Training Associates specializes in the custom design and delivery of a full slate of personal and professional development, and also training uniquely suited to:

  • enhance leadership effectiveness

  • improve presentation skills

  • deliver better outcomes, both interpersonally and at the bottom line

  • derive a greater sense of accomplishment in one's tasks and that of their teams

  • optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization's outcomes



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Register at the 2019Learning Forward Annual Conference and attend Kendall’s Preconference session on The Choreograpy of Presenting as well as an additional 90 minute session on Tuesday.


Attend this fabulous conference to hear Kendall’s keynote on communication

Announcing a new book release…

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Identifying challenges in our schools, determines essentially whether we can actually ever change them.Through the voices of urban school leaders, Voices from the Ecotone, creates clarity about how to tackle school challenges and create lasting change. The “ecotone” is the transition area between “how things have always been” and how we want them to be. In the ecotone, leaders grapple with issues, acknowledge that tightly held values sometimes become stumbling blocks, plan for change, and then create innovations to test


Leaders of Organizations and Agencies

For leading the work of any organization or agency, Sierra Training Associates provides workshops and seminars on research-based models for:

  • curriculum design and development

  • program design and development

  • delivery of leadership curriculum

  • change and transformation including adaptivity to support organizational change

  • leadership succession planning

  • recruitment, selection, promotion, and retention

Some of the services offered by Sierra Training Associates include design and delivery of workshops and seminars on:

  • leadership skills custom designed for front line, middle management, and executive levels

  • effective presentations skills

  • establishing rapport and building trust

  • leading productive meetings

  • developing others

  • facilitating diverse groups

  • building and sustaining respectful work environments

  • valuing and engaging followers

  • moving through uncertainty to pursue opportunities

  • instructor development training

Collectively, our consultants have worked in the industry for more than 100 years. Sierra Training Associates is an industry leader with expertise in the areas of leadership, nonverbal communication, effective presentation skills, development of collaborative groups and facilitation. Sierra Training Associates works with executive, mid-level and front-line staff, skilled professionals, as well as management and sales teams. Our firm, unique in its approach, has a reputation as an organization with:

  • exclusively unique programs and services focusing on leadership and nonverbal communicative skills that enhance the quality of all communication

  • significant experience working in the public and private sector enabling our team to share best practices

  • extensive experience working as leaders in diverse settings

  • extensive experience working with school districts, law enforcement agencies, university faculty and staff

  • expertise in mentoring and coaching groups and individuals

  • expertise facilitating focus groups, work groups, team and board meetings

  • expertise and experience working with local, national and global corporations

For Educators

Sierra Training Associates provides workshops for teachers focusing on:

  • teachers as leaders

  • classroom management techniques

  • effectively managing diverse groups of students

  • questioning strategies to develop and surface student thinking

  • techniques for managing classroom dialogue

For leading the work of educational institutions, Sierra Training Associates provides customized workshops and seminars aimed at:

  • curriculum design and development

  • program design and development

  • delivery of leadership curriculum

  • change and transformation including adaptivity to support organizational change

  • leadership succession planning

  • recruitment, selection, promotion, and retention

Our customized workshops also include sessions aimed at:

  • increasing capacity to initiate, develop and sustain high functioning learning communities

  • expanding repertoire of practical facilitation tools

  • enhancing skills for modeling and teaching patterns of professional inquiry

  • developing collaborative culture in PLC's

  • gaining strategies for intervening when individuals and groups lose focus

  • increasing influence, confidence and skills as a productive group member


"I came expecting a boring class. Instead I got dynamic instructors who introduced me to concepts and new learning styles that will benefit me both personally and professionally. Paralanguage. Learning styles. Thank you for a very interesting course. Excellent work!!"

"I got a ton of information on how to enhance my teaching."

"I learned many, many things. How to improve my walk, talk, pause. How to question students. A lot, I can use this everywhere (family)."